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Image by Jakob Owens

Here at the SHM Group, "Social" is our first name. Literally. That means that, more than anything, we know how to utilize social media marketing to your advantage, to get a community and audience built around your brand.

Social media strategy can consist of organic media, paid social engagement like Facebook Ads, or even keeping in touch with the community you've built so far. Whatever the case, we're experts in all things social, and we're happy to help you get seen and become the voice that online communities go to for your specific niche.

Implementing a strong social media marketing campaign of any kind, organic or paid, means using the platform types to your advantage. And we understand that there are different audiences to each social media channel, which is part of our approach.

How we can help:


We take the initiative by studying audiences on different platforms, and finding the common thread between your core social media strategy and the needs these audiences have. Be prepared to find a broader audience than you thought you could, simply by our use of social media like the following:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

  • LinkedIn

  • Pinterest

We can cater the approach according to all or some of these, and we can even integrate other media as they become a part of a continually improving social media strategy!

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