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Designing an Application



Image by John Schnobrich

While SEO is developed to aid sites in appearing for organic search results, Google offers an even wider suite of solutions. At SHM Group, we can utilize the online advertising options on Google Ads to provide search ads that appear alongside the usual results!


You’ve seen Google Ads at work, even if you didn’t realize that some of the results are the work of online advertising. But utilization of this platform means that you can target locations as well as audience types, along with the usual use of keywords that require bidding.


Google advertising proves to be one of the strongest and most ubiquitous online advertising platforms to date, and using it can really help people decide to come to you, even when your organic rank for a certain search isn’t as high.

How we can help:


We design our approach by looking at the audience you want: what they search for, and what might be relevant to your own page. In this way, we can utilize a whole suite of options that can expand your audience. Google advertising with SHM Group means we will handle the following:


  • Keyword Bidding

  • Location Targeting

  • Audience Remarketing

  • Custom Calls-to-Action


Online advertising makes it easy to transform the search results to offer what you want a customer to see: pages on your site, a number to call, or directions to the nearest location, all wrapped up in a powerful service!

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