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What We Do

At SHM, we provide a comprehensive set of digital marketing services aimed at specific goals. Whether it’s to increase your curb appeal to new customers, to create a new online presence, or to cater your brand voice to a whole new audience, we offer digital marketing solutions that fit those needs.


With expertise in social media marketing (SMM) services, SEO, content strategy and design implementation, and branding techniques, we can manage your online brand to encourage lasting and profitable relationships with your clients.

How we do it

Online brands require upkeep and a strong commitment, and you can expect no less when you come to our agency. We offer high quality digital marketing solutions from a team of trained professionals that understand how to optimize and present the message you want your brand to send. Some key services performed by SHM help lead to branding success, and as your go-to in the field, we will:


  • Generate and guide you through content marketing strategies.

  • Document and analyze current and past strategies.

  • Develop strategic content for your social media channels.

  • Define a specific brand identity for you to establish.


SHM’s digital marketing services consist more concretely of the following four tenets:

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One of the most important digital marketing solutions that can aid people in finding your brand is SEO, or search engine optimization. With this service, we work to alter the copy, meta tags, and other relevant data on your website to make it more relevant to searches that occur online. When your audience uses Google to try and find brands like yours, SEO helps make you more visible on every search. Other SEO factors that we can provide include improving your site speed and fixing redirects to increase the site’s quality score as it pertains to Google.

In addition to organically appearing in searches, another thing that works exceedingly well to improve visibility of your site is search engine marketing, such as the use of Google Ads. With search engine advertising, we can help your business appear on search pages relevant to your business with a number of keywords that are selected for performance. We can target specific real-world locations to narrow down your audience even further. With online advertising, we can reach the audience you want with a budget that fits your brand’s needs.

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In our social media marketing work, we utilize popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn to reach numerous different audiences. We work to help you identify which amplify your brand’s value, purpose, and significance. In addition, we analyze your brand’s goals and the social media channels in question to create a presence and a strategy that will reach the audiences specific to your brand. We can even identify and engage relevant influencers with great credentials and active profiles to nurture a relationship that helps market your brand more effectively on the platforms that make the most sense for you!

Your brand and online presence are meant to tell a story to your audience: whether it’s a story that’s highly customer-specific or one that feels pretty universal, it has to be built and strategized, just like your content. Our digital marketing services work to build on your identity, but without a brand that really feels unique and recognizable, you won’t have the identity to build on. We explore the audiovisual effects, brand psychology, and the needs you meet for your audience to build a brand and a story that fits you.

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